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Hands-on, proven solutions tailored to regional business.

It’s no secret that social media has become one of the most essential tools for establishing your brand and showcasing what your business does best. But where does one start when you’re a grassroots business owner, flat-out working in the business?

The solution is simpler than you think! No smoke and mirrors, no cheats or shortcuts: your craft + our creativity + consistency + constant analysis will elevate your pages above the crowd.

So, if you’re an inspired grassroots business looking to level up your social media strategy, read on to find a program that suits you best!
The Cosmopolitan Hotel Trentham Social Media, Digital Marketing & Strategy by KGMG Creative Macedon Ranges


All the bells & whistles, all in-house.

Our comprehensive program encompasses all aspects of organic social media marketing. When we say 'organic,' we mean we're experts in CONTENT MARKETING. This translates to crafting compelling stories, building your brand, and connecting with your target audience on a genuine level. 
Our in-house team of specialists covers everything – from photo/video and graphic design to copywriting and platform management. Each expert collaborates seamlessly with you and amongst themselves, all united by a singular objective:
Delivering exceptional social media content.


Empowering business owners for social media success.

We recognise that many businesses begin with a modest marketing budget, particularly for social media. The great news is that you possess more capability than you might realise to activate your organic social media strategy. Through our personalised 1:1 sessions, we can formulate a plan that empowers you and your team to manage your social media adeptly in-house. Our approach integrates best practice principles refined and proven by the KGMG team.


Photography, videography, copywriting & graphic design. 

Our full-service clients enjoy privileged access to our dedicated team of content creators. Each role is filled with creative minds that go beyond standard briefs, striving to give each client a distinctive look, tone, and feel.

Beyond our set social media program, our creative team is ready to assist with all manner of additional content – from campaign photo shoots to print material and website content updates. The possibilities are limitless for our full-service network of social media clients.


Set up your social media channels for success.

Setting up a new social media profile is a golden opportunity. Still, it can be daunting with evolving interfaces and settings (easily one of the most common concerns when we first connect with a client). We take care of the nitty-gritty, from Instagram and Facebook connectivity via Meta Business Suite to page bios, bio links, highlights, and Google Business setup.

Like our personalised 1:1 sessions, we can craft a plan where KGMG handles the setup – fast, efficient, and following the latest best practices - and when our work is done, you'll own the pages and assets, ready to launch your maiden campaign!
This process goes hand in hand with our START-UP services for website and branding programs.


On-site support from a team of local experts.
As proud residents of the Macedon Ranges, the entire KGMG team are passionate about seeing businesses in the region thrive. We’re admittedly the biggest fan-girls and boys of our clients, and our hyper-local approach ensures that we are on hand, in person, throughout the entire social media process!

Have a query? Chat directly with our team (no digital assistants allowed!). Need to brainstorm a new content idea? Connect directly with our content team. Planning a marketing campaign with potential collaborators? We're here to help you connect with the growing KGMG network of businesses.


The burning question: here’s a summary of our full-service social media program:
  • Marketing calendar development
  • Content creation – photography, videography, social media graphics, copywrite
  • Platform management – Facebook, Instagram & Google Business Profile
  • Posting schedule management – Posts, reels, stories and highlights
  • Inbox management
  • Website & E-Comm links
  • Reporting and insights
  • Email marketing strategy and campaigns (select platforms only: Wix, Squarespace & Mail Chimp)
  • Paid Facebook & Instagram Ads*

*Please note that paid social media ads are only used to complement our organic social media strategy. If your business requires a comprehensive paid ad strategy, we kindly ask you to seek an additional service provider.

Get in touch for a no-strings initial consultation.

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