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Crafting your unique identity.

Getting your brand off the ground can feel like diving into the unknown. It's not just about a logo; it's about defining who you are and leaving a mark. We get it—making your vision pop on a screen or a business card can feel like cracking a secret code.

We're not your typical suit-and-tie crew. We're the rebels with a cause, armed with local experts who've been in the graphic design game for decades. We get the struggle, and that's why we're here to simplify things—no overwhelming brief meetings, just a stress-free collaboration that brings your vision to life.

If you need to create a clear and cohesive brand unique to your business and mission, our team is on hand to help with all elements from logo design to photo & video, copywriting and complimentary graphic design assets to boot!


Brand strategy & custom design.

This is the fun part… what is your visual identity? You might have a crystal-clear idea, you might have elements that you like, you may have no idea at all! We can work with all of the above! 
Our experienced graphic design team will guide you through the concept and design stages with patience and skill to craft a look that you’ll be proud to unveil to the world.


Professionally shot and edited visual content.

Professionalism is our lens, and creativity is our filter. Whether it's a snapshot that freezes time or a video that brings your story to life, our shots are more than pixels – they're a journey. From concept to editing, we handle it all, ensuring your visual content speaks volumes about your brand and is optimised for all your digital platforms.


Crafted and strategic storytelling.
In the digital realm, words are your ambassadors. It's not just about crafting content; it's about strategically placing each word for impact. Let's turn your ideas into narratives that communicate and connect. From weaving compelling website copy to scripting engaging social media posts and press releases, we transform your ideas into a language that resonates.


Bringing all elements of your brand together with masterful design.

Graphic design is more than pixels and vectors; it's the art of orchestrating your visual brand. We bring together logos, branding, photography, and copy into bite-sized masterpieces that resonate with your audience.
Our graphic design isn't confined to the digital realm; it's a versatile tool for all your branding needs. From print advertising to business cards, flyers, menus, and brochures. *


On-site support from a team of local experts.

As proud residents of the Macedon Ranges, the entire KGMG team are passionate about seeing businesses in the region thrive. We’re admittedly the biggest fan-girls and boys of our clients, and our hyper-local approach ensures that we are on hand, in person, throughout the entire branding and content creation process!
Need to hash out ideas face-to-face? We're here. Want a local touch in every pixel of your brand? Reach out! Let's build a brand that stands out and resonates within our local community and beyond.


Our menu of branding and creative content tasks for you to peruse:

  • Logo concept and creation
  • Campaign photography and videography
  • Copywrite – Website, social media, press releases
  • Graphic design – digital & print applications

*Kindly note that at KGMG Creative, we prioritise branding and content creation projects for our website and full-service social media clients. Enquiries not utilising these services may experience extended lead times. We value your enquiry and appreciate your understanding as we aim to deliver quality solutions to all clients. For urgent needs, feel free to discuss timelines with our team; we'll do our best to accommodate!


Custom design and a collaborative approach.

Get in touch for a no-strings initial consultation.

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