KGMG was launched in 2017 by directors Kelly & Matt Griffiths. Not only did they set up HQ in the small town of Woodend, Victoria; the model was aimed at local business owners within the growing Macedon Ranges and regional Victorian community. 

While the M.O. has improved and adapted at each step of the journey, the aim has remained the same: to find like-minded movers and shakers within the local community and offer them a creative, digital support service that no-one from the big smoke ever could! 

How? By getting to know each client and collaborator as neighbours, friends and in some cases like family!


At its core, KGMG exists today to deliver dynamic, creative content and tailored digital marketing solutions.

Dynamic because each team member brings a different skill-set... all bases are covered! 

Tailored because we understand how "out of touch" corporate creative firms are with small-medium business owners' needs. We only deliver the services that are of value to our clients with rates that are flexible enough to suit almost any budget.

KGMG currently services the Macedon Ranges area, Central Victoria, Melbourne Metro and beyond! 

A certifiable crew of content creators and web developers have been assembled to form a digital marketing A-Team... read on, and you'll soon see exactly what we mean...


ALIAS: "Boss Lady"

ROLE: Creative Director & Head of Digital

SUPERPOWERS: Website Design, SEO, Social Media Strategy, Creative Planning and Content Guru. Multi-tasker Extraordinaire & Client Counsellor. 

BIO: Kelly is KGMG's fearless leader when it comes to all things involving creative design, strategy, website development and digital marketing.

Quite the extraordinary taskmaster, Kelly has the left and the right brain firing on all cylinders, 25 hours of the day, 9 days a week, yet still makes enough time to lend an ear, a laugh, or a round of negroni's to any client in their hour of need.


ALIAS: "William Shakesbeard"

ROLE: Account Management & Head of Social Media

SUPERPOWERS: Story Teller, Motivator, Communications Wizard, Audio clip Assassin... "does the words".

BIO: Often the first point of contact, Matt will waste no time getting to know your unique story, tirelessly mining the rhetorical gold in your entrepreneurial journey... now don't be alarmed, but assume that the audio is always rolling. 

If you've got a million project ideas floating around in your head he is your man to help shape them into a solid strategy or some killer content.


ALIAS: "The GIF Giver"

ROLE: Photography & Content Creator

SUPERPOWERS: Photographer, Videographer, Visual Strategy, Dad-joke Extraordinaire and Kelly's Right Arm

ROLE: Ties lives in 2 parallel universes: "Burst Mode" and "Dad-joke mode", if he's on deck assume the puns and camera are in overdrive. Don't try and fight it! Point him at the subject you want to be shot and witness him turn everyday objects into a series of vibrant portraits, video clips, flat-lays or GIF's... don't say we didn't warn you about the GIF's.


We'd love to talk shop... an initial meeting and tailored proposal are always "on the house"!

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PO BOX 990 Woodend, Victoria 3442 AUSTRALIA

We service the Macedon Ranges,   Melbourne Metro, Greater Bendigo, Ballarat, Hepburn Regions and beyond.
Further afield?  Get in touch and we'll see if we can get to you.
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