Because Small Business Matters

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Why I became a "conscious consumer".

I truly believe that a huge part of our health, wellbeing and motivation comes from the community you build within your life.

It’s about surrounding yourself with people that care about the same things as you, businesses that have the same values as you.


Because we want (and need) to connect. Not only with the product or service we are purchasing, but with the person, people and story behind it.

I simply don’t buy from some larger businesses or online marketplaces, because I don’t feel they are aligned with my values and ethics.

One of the reasons I started KGMG was to work alongside small operators to not only help them achieve their goals, but to contribute to a local community.

Now, more than ever, we have an immense power to support the local economy, supply chain, trade and even environmental practice through our spending habits.

We have the power to become "conscious consumers" and shape our local economy by purchasing with intent.

When we buy local our taxes stay local, we also have a direct impact in supporting the economy and infrastructure of our surrounds… not only do local businesses use local supply, but they employ within the area and in turn support a vast amount of local trades and services. You may think that buying your produce from the local grocer instead of Coles doesn't make a difference, but you're actually supporting locally based farmers, producers and purveyors to not only supply the best quality fresh produce, but keep food on their table.

As a consultant who has worked alongside small business operators from almost every industry, there is one common drive, the genuine passion and excitement that comes from serving a community and consumer with a quality product or service.

Helping grass roots businesses communicate their story is truly something that drives not only myself, but the whole KGMG network.

Because I can tell you, it's true, when you support small business there really is someone doing a happy dance!


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